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Candle Information

Candle Types

PILLAR: A free-standing candle, usually having a diameter of 3 inches or more, and one or more wicks. Pillar candles, also called column candles, can be round, square, oval, etc. Although they stand on their own, they must be burned on a heat-resistant candle holder.

CONTAINER, JAR OR FILLED CANDLE: A candle that is poured when manufactured into a glass, metal or ceramic container specifically designed to hold the wax and withstand the heat of the burning candle.

VOTIVE: A small cylindrical candle, usually about 1½ inches in diameter and 2 or 2½ inches high, designed to be placed in a "cup" or votive holder to hold the liquefied wax that results from burning.

Candle Tips

Always store candles in a cool, dark and dry place.

To prevent candles from fading, do not expose them to sunlight or harsh indoor lighting for an extended period of time.

Dust and fingerprints may be removed from a candle by gently rubbing the surface with a soft cloth.

Wax drippings may be removed from most candleholders by running hot water over them.  Alternatively, you can first place the candleholder in the freezer for an hour or so until the wax shrinks and can easily pop out when the candleholder is removed from the freezer.

Avoid using a knife or a sharp object to remove wax drippings from glass containers as these objects may scratch or weaken the glass, causing them to break upon subsequent use.

Votive candles must be in a container. The tighter the fit, the longer the candle will burn. To reduce the hassle of trying to clean the wax out of a votive holder, place 1/8" of tap water in the base of the votive holder prior to lighting. Once the votive candle is extinguished, allow the wax to solidify, then gently push on the wax and the contents should pop loose.

Avoid burning candles in any glass item not specifically designed for candles. Glass candleholders are specifically manufactured to withstand the temperature changes that occur when burning a candle.

To reduce excess wax that has pooled during candle burning, carefully pour excess wax into a paper towel after the candle is extinguished, then discard the wax when it cools.

Wicks should be cut whenever the flame begins to flicker excessively or exceeds 3/4" in length.. Trim wicks to 1/4" before each use and keep candles away from drafts in order to achieve the best burning performance and to reduce soot emissions.

Care of Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are designed to hold the wax within the candle to allow the candle to "glow" as it burns down the center. In order to create this effect, let the candle burn 2-3 hours allowing the candle to pool out to approximately 1/4" from the outside edge before extinguishing it. This will establish a burning point for the candle to burn within.

As the candle burns and wax pools to the outside edge, you can mold and shape the outside edge of the candle after you extinguish the flame. While the candle is still warm and malleable, you may use your hands to gently firm up the sides so the wax will continue to pool directly down the center and the proper longevity of the pillar will be maintained.

Ideas For Decorating with Candles

Place large pillar candles in glass hurricanes at each end of your mantel, or as a centerpiece on a coffee table or end table to create great accents for holidays or any day.

Group pillars of various shades of one color, or group candles of the same color with varying candleholders on a table or credenza in your dining room or living room.

Use candleholders made especially for in-fireplace use to create a dramatic backdrop by filling your fireplace with candles that bring color, light and warmth.

Use unique and stylish candleholders such as wall sconces, mosaic votive cups, candelabras, glass hurricanes, lanterns, decorative votive lamps, holiday themed candleholders, decorative candleholders, or candle plates to add a unique look to any room.