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Scented and Aromatic Candles

Welcome to! We offer a unique collection of colorful affordable scented candles in pillars, votives, and travel tins that will surely add a unique look to any decor and even make nice gifts for family or friends. Candles are  great for accentuating any decor or creating  just the right mood for any event.  You are sure to find a candle for anyone for any occasion from our selections of  fruit scented pillars and votives, scented travel candles, vegetable oil candles, beeswax votives, and other decorative candles.  Candle lovers will appreciate the options of  affordably priced fruit scented candles, aromatic pillar candles, heart shape candles, and portable travel tins that show off a variety of beautiful colors and deliver delightful fragrances of sweet fruits or aromatic blends of florals and spices.  Why not enjoy the inviting atmosphere of  a candlelit room that is accentuated with colorful round or square pillars or votives, two-tone pillars, or embedded candles?  You can save 10% on  purchases of any 4 or more candles or candle sets  including our unique candle favors for bridal showers, baby showers and weddings featuring scented votive baby shower favors, personalized scented travel candle wedding favors, beeswax votive favors, and aromatherapy candle thank you gifts.  Whether you prefer a lavender scented pillar candle or a peach scented votive; a coffee scented travel candle or an aromatherapy candle, we have reasonably priced candles for any occasion or decor.


        Our unique collection of  discount scented candles and aromatic pillars are  available in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles that make great ideas for gift exchanges or special gestures of thanks.  Fruit scented candles are great especially for your kitchen or bath to add a clean, fresh scent as well as a splash of color. Tall  fruit scented candles or aromatic pillars may be placed in rooms to enhance the decor and give off aromas that revitalize your spirit.  Small round pillars can also make great little favors in colorful matching organza bags. You may even choose a  colorful two-tone pillar in fruit or aromatic scents, or square votives for a gift, favor, or unique decorations. Other types of candles like round aromatherapy candles, colorful fruit scented candle sets, decorative embedded candles , and heart shape candles can also make great gifts for family or friends.  Try a lemon scented candle in the kitchen or bathroom to add a clean  fresh scent or  light up a soothing aromatherapy candle in your den or bath, then sit back, relax and enjoy.  You may even want to pack a lavender or rose scented travel candle on your next trip to make that room away from home seem more friendly.  Our  inexpensive scented votive candle sets in strawberry, mandarin orange, apple, grape, lime, or peach scents, or scented travel candles in  lavender, rose, pineapple, grape, coffee, or ocean scented tins are also great for gifts or favors.  We've even added scented votive baby shower favors, personalized scented travel tin wedding favors, votive candle favors in organza bags, and thank you gifts.  We hope that you will make your place to shop for discount scented candles.  Thanks for shopping!